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And the saga continues,2nd TBI, Hit by a Drunk Driver

The accident of Mellissa, Courtney and Lisa February 25 2005

maxima after hit by drunk driver
Feb. 25 2005

Just when you think you have been through the worst event of your life, the saga continues. February 25th 2005, Courtney had just finished her best performance ever in her school play "Honk" we had gone home looked at her flowers and gifts that she recieved, then she and I headed out to go pick up Mellissa from her boyfriend Rob's house. Mellissa got in the car and we were talking about the play and listening to the music cd,"New Found Glory" all was going as normal as always, I turned on to Riley from 120th ave and headed east, I stopped at the stop sign, which is a 4 way stop, I looked both ways and there was no one around, I then looked in my rear view mirror and saw these bright headlights barreling down on us, I KNEW that vehicle was going very fast and I knew it was going to hit us, I took my foot off the break and attempted to get out of the way, We didnt stand a chance, he was just going to fast, I tried to warn my girls, but all I got out was Shit he's, and it was all over, I felt this tremendous jolt and all the windows imploded except the front windshield, I heard mellissa make the worse noise I have ever heard and I thought she had been killed right at that moment, we were spinning and it felt like we would never stop. I felt something slam me in the head and I dont remember our car coming to a stop, I was unconcious, I have one quick memory of a tube or something being put down my nose and it hurt, but then I dont remember anything until hours later in the ER. Thankfully Courtney was not hurt, physicaly anyway, emotionally is another thing. Mellissa recieved a tbi and had staples in the back of her head, she is suffering the effects of her injuries everyday now, it makes me so sad to watch her attempt to deal with this. I know this will be an ongoing thing for all of us. I am certanly feeling physicaly battered, I am dizzy almost all the time, The fatigue is debilitating, my right arm and hand are very weak and has numbness. The man who hit us was going 80mph and was DRUNK!!!!!! he had a blood alcohol level of 2.8. I think we are all asking the question, WHY!!!!!!!! why did this happen, why did he do this to us, why would anyone drink so much and then get behind the wheel. It makes me sick, it feels like he has destroyed our life, I know it could have been much worse, at least we are alive but he has stolen my daughters security and carefree attitude, they cant sleep and they are scared and sad all the time now. I dont know what lies ahead for us but atleast we will go through it together.

Some how we survived!!!!
This is what A drunk driver did to us

newspaper article

2005 car accident

This is the drunk drivers truck, he had no injurie
3/4 ton pickup truck that hit us

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